Tribes Learning Community

What is Tribes?

Tribes Community Circle

‘Tribes’ is not a program or a curriculum. Tribes TLC® is a process, a step-by-step sequence of strategies to achieve specific learning goals. The Tribes Learning Community process is founded on four guiding principles:

  • Mutual Respect
  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciations/No Put Downs
  • The Right to Pass

At Wagaman School we have added

  • Personal Best

Tribes TLC® is designed to build inclusion and develop cooperative skills in students, teachers, parents and other members of the school community. It blends the fields of group processing and cooperative learning; prevention and resiliency; learning theory and school change into a comprehensive, meaningful whole.

The Tribes TLC® process fosters a sense of belonging, which we believe is vital to a student's ability to feel safe, respected, and willing to take risks that are a part of learning. Students who feel part of a community, who value and respect each other, and their teachers, learn well. It's that simple.

Tribes TLC® is a researched based process. More than 1,000 studies on the benefits of cooperative learning support the use of small group methods. Reports from schools using Tribes TLC® show at least 75% reduction in behaviour problems, dramatic decline in school violence, and increases in academic achievement.
Students learn a set of collaborative skills so they can work well together in long-term groups called tribes. The focus is on how to:

  • help each other work on tasks
  • set goals and solve problems
  • monitor and assess progress
  • celebrate achievements

The learning of academic material and self-responsible behaviour is assured because teachers use methods based upon brain-compatible learning, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning and social development research.

At Wagaman school, the Principal, the Assistant Principal, the ESL and Resource teachers, 10 classroom teachers, 3 student support personnel and the School Council chairperson have completed the 4 day Basic Tribes Training. It is part of our school Accountability Performance Improvement Framework that all staff will be Tribes trained.


Monday, October 30th

  1. Corrugated Iron Hip Hop Yr 5 & 6

Friday, November 3rd

  1. Whole School Assembly

Monday, November 6th

  1. Corrugated Iron Hip Hop Yr 5 & 6
  2. Transition to Year 2 Swimming

Friday, November 10th

  1. Early Childhood Assembly
  2. Hockey & Volleyball gala days

Monday, November 13th

  1. Transition to Year 2 Swimming

Friday, November 17th

  1. Whole School Assembly

Monday, November 20th

  1. Book Fair

Friday, November 24th

  1. Early Childhood Assembly

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