School Canteen

Wagaman School Canteen


The School Canteen is a privately operated business on site. The School Council supports the Health Promoting School policies of our Department and encourages the Canteen to offer a range of items which meet the requirements of a balanced diet.

The menu changes annually with the occasional addition of Special items for sale. Children are to order lunch at the beginning of each day through the classroom monitoring system. A Canteen List is available in the classroom and families receive one each semester via the newsletter.

Counter sales are available at Recess and for half of lunchtime. Finger foods, drinks and ice products are available for purchase.

Students in upper primary are offered the opportunity to work behind the counter at recess to develop retail and hospitality skills. Strict guidelines are in place for hygiene and work health practices.


Thursday, October 12th

  1. Pink Power AFL

Monday, October 16th

  1. Corrugated Iron Hip Hop Yr 5 & 6

Friday, October 20th

  1. Whole School Assembly

Monday, October 23rd

  1. Corrugated Iron Hip Hop Yr 5 & 6

Wednesday, October 25th

  1. Preschool Open Evening & Information Session

Thursday, October 26th

  1. Year 1 & 2 classes to Ten Pin Bowling

Friday, October 27th

  1. Early Childhood Assembly
  2. World Teachers Day

Monday, October 30th

  1. Corrugated Iron Hip Hop Yr 5 & 6

Friday, November 3rd

  1. Whole School Assembly

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