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Insights - What kids learn from fathers.

"High work ethic, honesty, supportiveness and loyalty were all values that men
directly attributed to their dads."

Parenting Ideas by Micheal Grose.

Insights - Making school drop-offs hassle-free

“One common transition challenge occurs at school-drop-off time. Some kids are
passive resisters on a deliberate go-slow. Others more actively resist their parents’
efforts to get them to school with tears, tantrums or tiredness.”

Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose.

Insights - Do less, not more, for your kids

"With school-aged children we can find ourselves making lunches, getting kids
out of bed and cleaning out schoolbags rather than giving these basic tasks of
living over to them."

Parenting ideas by Micheal Grose.

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Insights - Concentration

"Like any skill, concentration can be improved and made automatic"

Parenting ideas by Micheal Grose.

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